Shiny objects.  New ideas.  Distractions.  I call them squirrels – most likely because I love watching the squirrels in my yard drive my dogs crazy.

One day I was throwing a tennis ball for Lance in the back yard.  He was in full gallop after it when a squirrel ran between the tennis ball and him.  Chaos ensued, and the end result was a squirrel laughing up in the tree, a tennis ball left unretrieved, and Lance sitting there in confusion of what just happened.

While fun to watch when relaxing with my dogs, in business these squirrels have a big impact.  Everyone I’ve talked to about business has at least one story of an idea, a prospect, or an opportunity that seemed like a great thing to chase at the time.  But looking back, it was simply a distraction- ultimately costing time, money, and energy.

Do you have a crystal clear focus on the most important things?  Is it so clear that you – and your staff – have no problems identifying what is a squirrel and would be a distraction?  If your answer is not 100% yes, then contact meto help.

Until next week, have a ball!  focus